Welcome to the IRN Physics of Living Systems website

Here you will find informations about the International Research Network (IRN) « Physics of Living systems », established between 6 CNRS laboratories in France, 3 US Universities, and many other international partners.

The goal of the IRN PoLS is the establishment of a trans-national community-based network of graduate students, graduate student educators and researchers, working at the interface between Biology and Physics. This structure, which relies on an existing network originally created by the US National Science Fundation (NSF), allows researchers at participating institutions to meet their peers and collectively help define the research agenda for this field, via funding for short-term visits to participating institutions, workshops and colloquia. The research is especially focused on three areas : superresolution and single molecules microscopies, cellular mechanics, and theoretical biophysics. The network also enables the exploration of various means of educating these students in biology while also ensuring that they develop and maintain a firm grounding in physics.