Hotel list

See below a list of hotels and their locations. Prices are indicative per room and per night, all taxes included.

All these hotels are in the 5th arrondissement, in Paris, within walking distance of the IPGG. We have reserved a slot of rooms until the end of February in these hotels, at negociated prices.

If you want to make a reservation in another hotel, we recommend to pick an hotel close to the Metro Line 7.


Triple rooms (from 155€) and student rooms (from 72€)

Total capacity: 22 rooms


  • Hôtel Les Jardins du Luxembourg, 5 impasse Royer Collard, 75005 Paris

Double rooms:

  •   150€ 00 for one person, breakfast included
  • 163€ 00 for two persons (possibility of twin beds), breakfast included

Must indicate « INSTITUT PIERRE-GILLES DE GENNES/ iPOLS2017 » at the time of booking


Very chic, Double room 240€ breakfast included

Must indicate « iPOL2017 » at the time of booking


Single 106€ breakfast included, Double 123€ TTC (2 breakfast included)


Only 3-4 single rooms, 109€ breakfast included

Mention « iPOL2017 and Curie Institute » agreement  at the time of booking.


Mention « Curie Institute » agreement  at the time of booking.


Single 132€, Double 143€,  breakfast non included  (12.5€ for breakfast)

Must mention « iPOL2017 » at the time of booking


– 6 singles at 115€

– 12 doubles/twins at 120€ en single and 125€ double

– 12 doubles/twins club at 145€